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Sixteen Candles

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This article is about Sixteen Candles Filming Location, the Plot of the movie, and much more. The important part of every movie is its filming location. Through filming location, the audience can catch the theme of the particular movie. With the help of the movie, these locations also become famous, and fans get attracted to explore these locations. Sixteen Candles is an American comedy-drama film that was released in the year 1984.

The movie’s cast is also amazing, including Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Schoeffing, etc. John Hughes is the Man of the movie as he is the lead character and directed the whole film. Moreover, this picture was hit at the box office with a collection of 4 million dollars in only the first week. It was released in the United States and Canada. The Plot of the movie is also very interesting. The movie starts with a girl named Samantha. Her 16th birthday is about to come, and she has anxiety issues.

The storyline of Sixteen Candles

Samantha, who is in high school, hopes her sixteenth birthday will be great and a great start to the new year of her life. But, tragedy happens. Her whole family forgets that it is her birthday as they all are busy with the marriage of her older sister, Ginny. In school, she mistakenly tells someone the name of her crush, Jake Ryan. Moreover, Jake inquires about her but later rejects her.

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When she returns from school, she is shocked that no one remembers her birthday. Her day gets worse when her parents ask her to sleep on the couch as the relatives will sleep in her room. Apart from this, a nerdy boy named Ted keeps proposing to her when she wants attention from her crush, Jake. Afterward, her family remembers that it is her birthday and keeps apologizing to her for this horrible mistake. They even advise her to forget about Jake. Now, let’s move on to the Sixteen Candles filming location.

Sixteen Candles


The Filming Location of Sixteen Candles

Now that we have enough information regarding the Plot of the movie, it is time to look at the Sixteen Candles filming location. Most of the part of the movie was filmed around Evanston, Highland Park, and Skokie. The movie depended on its filming location, and it added the film’s spark. Samantha’s house was located in Evanston. However, the movie was filmed at various locations.

The filming of the movie was done at the High School of Skokie. The inside scenes were from Winnetka’s high school. Most of the movie took place in some parking lot. This was all about Sixteen Candles filming location. We also discussed the Plot and cast of the movie too. It is a very wholesome movie. You should watch this movie if you are looking for a feel-good movie.

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