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Cobra Kai fame Hannah Kepple who became popular for her role as Moon, ended her long-term relationship with Xolo Mariduena earlier this year. Her relationship was in the spotlight, and they were a loved star couple on the internet. Since then, fans have been restless to gain some updates about the celebrity’s dating lives. Is this rising star seeing someone new? Let’s find out.

Hannah Kepple – Success Story

Born in November 2000, Hannah Kepple is an American actress who gained much publicity at a very young age. She made her debut in the series Cobra Kai in 2018. Hannah Kepple has been successful in embarking on her place in Hollywood. Known for her role as “Moon,” Hannah starred in the main cast of Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai is the sequel series to the Karate Kid Franchise and was bought by Netflix from YouTube Red.

Hannah showcased her acting skills in just 22 episodes, and that was enough for multiple producers to take a keen interest in her. Henceforth, she appeared in multiple web series in various roles.

She played Emily in Tell Me Your Name and Kristy Ray in Your Worst Nightmare. Her career was instantly boosted when she was cast in Laurent Cantet’s The Class in 2022 as Jesse.

Love Story Of Miguel and Moon

Xolo Mariduena, who played the lead role of Miguel Diaz in the Netflix series Cobra Kai, was in a long-term relationship with Hannah. The stars first had their introductory meeting on the sets of Cobra Kai, and in 2019, after the closing episode of Cobra Kai, Season 1, their love bloomed. They gave public recognition of their love and had a three-year-long relationship.

Cobra Kai fans were crazy about Hannah and Xolo’s off-screen chemistry and always wished they shared more scenes on the screen. They only had a few moments on the episodes of Cobra Kai, and even then, they looked flawless together. Although, in the show’s plot, Miguel has a frequently fluctuating love life. He repeatedly changed partners, falling in and out of love over and over again.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended in early 2022. Both Hannah and Xolo are pretty open in posting their life updates. Friends, family, and love are very important to them, and they keep sharing moments of their life intensively on their social media accounts. They recently took down pictures of their love life from the internet. Social media pages deleted all traces of their happy love stories.

Miguel and Samantha were the most appreciated on-screen couple in the show. Mary Mouser played Samantha. Their time together is of much importance for the show. After breaking up with Hannah, there were rumors that Xolo was dating Mary. As Mary and Brett pierce have been committed for five years, there was a surge of controversies throughout the internet. The actress strongly responded, declining the rumors completely.

After this tragic end to Hannah’s love story, we’ve been waiting for both of them to return and start dating again.

Hannah – Dating life

According to all the reports, Hannah has no buzz about seeing anybody. She is enjoying her singlehood and focusing on her growth as an actress. The 22-year-old actress happily lives with her parents in Asheville. With the announcement of new seasons of Cobra Kai, the stars will fire up the screens again and bring massive entertainment to capture their audience’s attention.

On the other hand, Xolo has been doing excellently well with his career. He will play the role of Blue Beetle in the next DC Extended Universe Movie. It will premiere on 18 August 2023

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