Adorable America’s Got Talent ‘Mini Star’ Eseniia Mikheeva Who Is Becoming An Internet Sensation With Her Powerhouse Dancing


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The recent runner America’s got talent witnessed many mind-boggling skills this season; one of them was a little Russian dancing belle named Eseniia Mikheeva who has made everyone a big fan of her dance moves. Read about what she did that left a mark in front of judges here.

Dance is an excruciatingly loving sport that is a mode of fun and thrill for its viewers and performers. History has it that countless dance performances have managed to engage with their viewers and give the performer the immense limelight that it deserves.

One such dance performance was recently witnessed in a released clip of episode four of the 18th season of America’s got talent. The YouTube clip showcased the skills of a 7-year-old girl, Eseniia Mikheeva. A native of Russia, she left an impression on the judges’ hearts with her stunning performance.

7-Year-Old Dancer Eseniia Mikheeva Performs an Electrifying Hip-Hop Routine  - YouTube

The little dancer Eseniia Mikheeva has been dancing for a while and has proved incredibly adorable since she walked on the stage. The seven-year-old impressed every judge on the show with her impressive dance moves filled with grace and poise.
She had appeared in America’s got talent auditions to showcase her dancing skills and received a standing ovation for her skills. She was effortless in her dance and ended the sequence with complete confidence and zeal.

Adorable 7- Year Old Mini Star

Meet 'AGT's Electric Dancing Kid, Eseniia Mikheeva

Her capabilities made all the judges, including Sofie Vergara, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel, love her to the extent that Vergara even addressed her as a “mini star.” She said she is happy Mikheeva was present at America’s Got Talent because this is precisely where she needs to be.

Some more compliments that the ‘mini star’ received were being called ‘incredible’ by a fellow judge named Klum, who loved her dancing, and the tricks she used. But the thing that Klum loved the most were the expressions given by the little girl.

After presenting her dance, it was sure Mikheeva wouldn’t go home empty-handed. All four judges voted ‘yes’ in her favor and gave her another standing ovation as a method of appraisal. Ever since the glimpses of her performance were posted on the internet, social media has been flooded with comments from people worldwide who have become a fan of her dancing.

The little girl has also been complimented because of her beautiful long hair and her mother’s excitement and support throughout her performance. “You can tell where she gets that beautiful light from — her parents are so positive and supportive it’s adorable!!!” a user commented on the video where her performance was posted first.

“She is not only talented but her personality and humility will take her far in life!” said another.
Not only Youtube, but Mikheeva has also gained an immense fan following on other social media websites. Twitter has been going crazy about her, and many compliment her based on her skill and confidence.

“She’s like a mini JoJo Siwa; a user replied on Mikheewa’s performance promo tweeted by the official America’s got talent Twitter page. Everyone has been going bonkers over the 7-year-old Russian girl’s marvelous performance, we are no exception! With this youtube clip, everybody has been anticipating more of her, and we wish to see that soon.

If you are also getting curious about the girl’s performance, have a peek by clicking here

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