Depp V Heard: Netflix’s Docu-Series Receives Fan’s And Social Media Backlash

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If you were religiously following the legal battle of Hollywood A-listers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Netflix’s latest project is here to fuel your obsession! Netflix released a brand-new Docu-series on August 16, exploring the trial between the two parties.

The world witnessed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard make extreme allegations of defamation, sexual assault, domestic violence, and harassment against each other in April 2022. This famous lawsuit received a ton of media coverage.

Depp v. Heard' zooms in on the social media frenzy surrounding the trial |  |

It was intriguing for the audience as it was the first time two famous Hollywood celebrities’ questionable activities and embarrassing events were displayed to the general public.

The trial revolved around the disturbing relationship between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, where they made serious accusations against each other. The allegations involved physical abuse, harmful behaviors, and mental suffering.

Depp V Heard Docu-series was released on Netflix on the 16th of August based on the dispute circulating this high-profile relationship.

Depp V Heard Defending Heard’s Point of View

While the series features testimonials and evidence procured from 200 hours of live-streamed trial coverage, it attempts to provide additional context of Amber Heard’s perception.

While Depp’s attorney calls out Amber Heard for not donating $7 million to charity, the documentary justified Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom actress by saying the interchangeable terms “pledging” and “donating” are often used when donating to the organization.

Another instance is where a dialogue box is presented after Heard’s disturbing description of the sexual assault, stating that this is the first time a sexual assault is broadcasted for the viewers outside the courtroom’s walls.

The dialogue box was meant to highlight the importance of the event described by Heard. It feels like the documentary makers are trying to prove Depp’s allegations incorrect.

Audience Reaction To The ‘Depp V Heard’ Docu-Series

Fans are not happy about the Netflix docu-series. One user commented, “Does the ‘Depp v Heard’ documentary on Netflix show what happened during the trial?? Or does it paint The Turd as a victim like other documentaries have??”

Another Twitter user commented, “I saw the entire trial, and this ‘documentary’ is a piece of garbage. Trying to make it seem that it was unclear if Amber was lying, when you see everything, you can see that she was #DeppVHeard.”

“Netflix’s DeppvHeard documentary shows clear bias.

As someone who watched the trial live & survived domestic abuse, it is disappointing this was advertised as showing ‘both sides.

This pro-Heard piece omitted extensive critical information #BoycottNetflix #deppvheard” The furious fans are requesting people to boycott the streaming giant as it sided with the character of Amber Heard.

“Why does Depp have no proof of his injuries when he accused Heard of punching him in the face multiple times on her bday? He provided one in the UK trial, & then it was proven it was taken over a yr prior when she’s always said she hit him in defense of her sister.”

It is evident how the audience is not resonating with the idea of Netflix being empathetic toward Amber Heard.

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