Payday 3 Always Requires An Online Connection


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Starbreeze will soon launch the much-awaited continuation of the famous shooter game series, Payday. Its third installment, Payday 3, has kept game freaks counting the days until they can get a hold of the fantastic interface the game offers.

As the shooter game is on its way to hitting the screens of many video game enthusiasts, it could’ve also driven out the interests of many of its enjoyers by a significant modification.

Payday 3 will be an 'always-online' game, even in solo play, devs confirm |  Shacknews

What is the fuss all about? Let us find out!

The Payday series has always been loved and cherished by its players worldwide.

The games allow both solo and multiplayer modes, and the new addition to the series is about to follow the footsteps of its prequels, only with a change.

So, the news is that this upcoming sequel can be accessed only online. Any user willing to play Payday 3 must ensure a stable connection, even if going solo.

The payday series was well known for its multiplayer purpose and was widely loved. Hence, the latest installment to this series was expected to be conventional by many viewers.

A recent livestream became the medium of disclosing this information, as Starbreeze Studios’ principal associate, Almir Listo, attested that Payday 3 would always be played online, whether a person is playing solo or with a team.

Listo later justified this significant modification. By saying that this decision was made to have a seamless transfer of user data from one place to another, he made it clear that the online mode can also help save player data on the game, as PayDay3 facilitates crossplay.

Unfortunately, it did not go well with many Pay Day players who expressed their disappointment and frustration in the live stream comment box.

Payday 3 Is Always Online, Even In Singleplayer.

Many players expressed their desire to play Payday 3 as before. Many solo players led the conversation, as many do not wish to play Payday 3 online as they have nothing to do with the game’s multiplayer modes.

The one-hour live stream, titled ‘PAYDAY 2 with Amir‘,  was streamed four days ago on YouTube. The comments have been flooded with opinions of disappointed consumers who are unhappy with the change.

Many of them even said that they won’t be buying the game unless it is offline.

“It hurts to cancel my pre-order, but always online is not okay.” One user said.

Another user commented, “Welp, it’s online only. That’s a no-buy from me. Lame move, Overkill. Why is this in a PvE game? It will destroy modding, but now you can’t play the game if the servers or your internet go down. FFS”

Problems that payers are concerned with the online requirement of the game include unreliability of connection. Many players who do not have an excellent reliable connection will have a hard time playing the game.

Their data could get yielded in case of a lost server or if their internet goes down.

Hence, Users are not taking it easy that the game requires an internet connection. With such a large chunk of the audience being cut from buying the game, it could be a significant loss to Starbreez Studios, hampering its success.

With the exceeding demand for the game to be executed offline, pre-bookings of Payday 3 are also very much affected. Will the game developers make amendments as per their audience? We’d only find out in the future.

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