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Television personalities come and go, but some leave a mark with confidence and zeal. Many of you must have seen the VH1 popular reality show that gave many television personalities the limelight; there is no doubt that Joseline Hernandez is one of them.

The Puerto Rican-American actress rose to fame and gathered attention from viewers all across the world by showcasing her fantastic personality on the reality show named Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’. Her heist to make a name in the hip-hop industry following her unique way made her a sensation amongst viewers.

Well, undoubtedly, Joseline is best known for her participation in the VH1 reality show, but recently there has been a lot going on that is making her the talk of the town in the current times. We have all the details to tell you about it, so stay tuned and read till the end.

Biography of Joseline Hernandez:

Joseline Hernandez
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Joseline Hernandez was born on November 3, 1986, in the serene city of Ponce in Puerto Rico. The current 36-year-old actress calls herself   The Puerto Rican Princess and has a child named Bonnie Bella Jordan. Her overnight success following participation in the Grammy award-winning music director Stevie J’s TV show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ made her an overnight success amongst many other participants, including Karlie Red and Erica Dixon.

Joseline had found herself amid controversy since she was a teen. Her romantic interest with the show’s lead, Stevie J, led everyone in shock, followed by her later separation from the music director-producer after having a child together was some of it. Her past career choices also made her a target of disrespect among her fellow cast members, but she proudly overcame all that.

Since the show happened, there has been no stopping back for Joseline. From opening her youtube channel to releasing many music videos, there has been no stopping for her.

Why Is Joseline So Trending Nowadays:

Joseline Hernandez
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The Puerto Rican Princess, aka Joseline Hernandez, has recently been a sensation with her related hashtags flooding Twitter. Well, if you aren’t too up to date with what Joseline was currently on or have just come across the actress cum rapper, let us tell you that Joseline Hernandez is now appearing on season 2 of College Hill: Celebrity Edition. The Tv series is about many celebrities leaving their comfort zone to study higher education.

It is no doubt that the show has been loved and watched since its release, but it has something to do with Joseline, which is making it the center of the limelight.

Well, it happened so with the release of a clip that shows Joseline Hernandez getting a hand on hand with a fellow “college” mate (co-star) Amber Rose, who is mainly known for her portrayal of Emily Quartermaine in General Hospital. The fight became ugly, which is not the only thing that made her trending on Twitter.

Following the video leak, Joseline Hernandez shared an image on her Twitter handle that said:

“When businesses hire the Princess, they get value for their money. Period. I can do it the best. And I’ve only just begun. Thank you to those who appreciate my artistic endeavors. Without you, I wouldn’t exist at all!

I genuinely believe that I am giving you what you desire! Nothing more, nothing less. Life is great! I’m happily working as a mother, a wife, an artist, and an inspiration to so many girls like myself who come from the slums of Puerto Rico. Love is love; love is real.

I’m fortunate and very, very loved by my universe and yours! Since I’ll be around forever, enjoy me! Please bear with me; I’ll be here forever. I’ve built a ton of entertainment for you guys, my kids, and my grandkids to enjoy after I pass away, even though I’m no longer in the flesh.

Her coming at Amber Rose, and posting this message, made many fans seek into her drama. Many support her, whereas others call it a vile publicity stunt. Twitter has been going crazy after this handoff between Amber and Joseline Hernandez.

Omg, Joseline and Amber Rose are fighting. Mind you; they are on the Alabama State University Campus. , One user said.

Joseline and controversy always go hand in hand, and we certainly are looking forward to even more drama in the future.

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