Missing in action: “Killing Feilds” Star Julian Sands Vanishes, Leaving Fans And Authorities Baffled.

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Julian Sands is an English actor known best for his work in The Killing Fields, but the news is that the 52-year-old actor has gone missing; here is all about it.

Hollywood is where a spark of minor news becomes excellent in no time. It is the place of gossip, glamour, and some head-turning news that no one can ever miss. Recently, Hollywood witnessed a big blow of information that Julian Sanders has gone missing. The actor had gone hiking on the Mount Baldy in California in January, and ever since there has been no information about his whereabouts.

Efforts to find the 52-year-old actor have been elevating day and night but, unfortunately, have been ineffective. The search and rescue operation for Julian Sands has been extended up to a larger scale with over 80 volunteers who have been looking for the actor, and various props, including helicopters, drones, and on-foot equipment, have also been used.

Actor Julian Sands, 65, is missing in 'extremely dangerous' Californian  mountain range | Daily Mail Online

Five months ago, the actor had gone on a hiking trip over the mountainous region of Mount Baldy, which falls near the city of LA. Since he was reported missing, around eight search operations, have been executed, including grounds and aerial searches.

The Sheriff’s Department of San Bernardino County has also played a significant role in conducting the search operations for Sands. They recently announced efforts being made to rescue the actor in the Mount Baldy region. But as per their words, Julian Sanders could not be located despite them putting up rescue operations,

Four days ago, the latest search for Sands comprised 80 volunteers, deputies, other staff members, and heavy usage of aerial search equipment such as helicopters and drones. Drones were used to explore areas that were unable to be accessed free-handedly.

Search efforts for British actor Julian Sands resume, sheriff's office says  - ABC News

Sources have it that the extreme weather could be a factor in the disappearance of Sands, who was reported missing on the 13th of January, which has also hindered the rescuers from finding Sands. In the beginning, a search was done on the 14th of January, which had to be dozed off as per the not-so-good trail conditions.

Even though the weather conditions have improved recently, the search has not yet made any progress as a significant part of the mountain area is still inaccessible, owing to the large sheets of ice covering the mountain.

The Sheriff’s department has also addressed the search issue by saying that the missing person, Julian Sanders, remains active and search efforts will still be resumed, but in a limited capability instead.

Julian Sands has been part of many appealing films throughout his acting career and is 52 years old. His brother has already submitted to his disappearance, whereas his wife has chosen not to speak of it.

Let us hope that the search for Sands finally succeeds and we will see more of the actor again.

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