Prince William Tells Kate Middleton To Hurry up at Royal Wedding in Jordan


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A recent video featuring Kate Middleton and Prince Willaim in Jordan attending a royal wedding has been going viral. The netizens have their own opinion on this topic. Read further to know what happened at this royal event.

A thing has caught the attention of the netizens in the video of Kate Middleton and Prince Willaim. The Princess and Prince of Wales were attending a royal wedding when a video went viral. It is assumed that the Prince of Wales asked Kiddle Middleton to hurry up as she engaged greatly in the talks there.

The beloved and famous couple of the British Royal Family, Kate Middleton and Prince Willaim have always been under the observation of the netizens. This increased drastically after Prince Williams’s relations with his brother Prince Harry changed.

The netizens have been keenly observing every move of Kate and William. There are many ongoing rumors or estimations about the relationship shared by this couple. Look at a sneak peek

Was Kate Middleton Rushed At This Wedding By The Prince of Wales?

Prince William's rude attitude towards Kate Middleton at the Jordan royal  wedding

All attention is being served to Kate Middleton and Prince Willaim after their interaction in a particular video has been making rounds. This video was recorded at a royal wedding that took place in Jordan.

If the netizens are to be believed, then this couple, known to guard their relationship in public, can be seen having a typical husband-wife fight. The video from this wedding has now also been released on YouTube.

Prince William is seen hurrying his wife, Kate Middleton after she became all chatty at the event in Jordan. At Crown Prince Al Hussein, King Abdullah’s eldest son’s wedding, Kate Middleton was seen talking with the newlywed couple. Just like any husband would get impatient, Harry too intervened at this moment.

The British royal couple is seen talking with their eyes, and soon Kate joins her husband back, snapping out from the conversation.

How Are Kate Middleton and Prince Willaim’s Relationship?

Suppose Royal Nikkhah, the royal expert, is to be believed. In that case, Kate Middleton and Prince William are said to have a very different relationship from what Princess Diana and King Charles III shared. Unlike King Charles III, William is said to be a very supportive husband to Kate.

It was rumored that King Charles III was jealous of Princess Diana’s popularity, thus the behavior. Prince William is said to have no problems with his wife’s popularity but hates it when he is cropped out of the pictures by the media from various events attended by the royal couple together.

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