Rihanna Made A Cybersecurity Man Homeless for A Week!


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Rihanna had given $500,000 to Spyro Malaspinas, a cybersecurity expert, to rent out his space for a week. This whopping amount was paid to the man to rent his 5-bedroom space just for seven days. Continue reading to find out more.

As we all know how famous Rihanna’s performance in Super Bowl Halftime Show has become, individual stories surround it. The 35-year-old singer and the mom of one were pregnant at that time. She returned to the stage after a gap of six years and gathered millions of views, even more than that of the game itself.

Do you know that the singer stayed in Arizona before her performance in the Halftime Show? It has now been revealed that the singer was staying in the home of Spyro Malaspinas, a 48-year-old cybersecurity expert. His space is a five-bedroom house rented out to Rihanna at a whopping amount of $500,000 for just a week.


As Per the reports from Wall Street Journal, Spyro Malaspinas bought this home in Paradise Valley, with a total area of 6,400 square feet. The cost of this space is told to be $7.3 million at the time it was bought.

Spyro Malaspinas had worked with a property management firm before, and the same approached him before Super Bowl. The company offered him $500 000 just for a week. He couldn’t refuse this ludicrous offer.

After he agreed to this lease, it was later revealed that the firm was contacting him on behalf of Rihanna. She needed a place to stay before her extensive performance, and Spyro Malaspinas got lucky. His home is between Scottsdale and Phoenix, thus providing a perfect location for Rihanna. The drive is just 30 minutes to the State Farm Stadium.

Spyro Malaspinas said that renting out the space for $500,000 will cover his two-year mortgage, and with an offer like this, he doesn’t mind moving out for a while. Spyro Malaspinas also said that he hadn’t moved back into his home since Rihanna came there; from that point onwards, the amount of his property has also increased in the market.

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