Russell Simmons: From Allegations To Accusations: A Father’s Day Fallout


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More than a dozen women have accused Russel Simmons of sexual misconduct. Things got worse for him on Father’s Day weekend when his daughter and ex-wife accused him of verbal abuse on social media.

Kimora Lee Simmons shared details about the alleged abuse on Instagram stories. On her Instagram story, she wrote that no one should live this as this is abuse. Along with this, she also put a screenshot of chats Aoki had with her father.

Russell Simmons Blasted by Ex Kimora Lee Simmons and Daughters: 'Enough Is Enough'

Things seem to get heated as the Simmons family battles are very public. They are not alone, especially after the #MeToo movement. After this movement, the importance of consent was realized. Many people came forward and accused individuals of inappropriate behavior or sexual abuse.

As per the experts’ opinions, allegations can tear a family; however, the thing to be kept in mind is not to engage with people who tend to act this way.

The friends and family of the accused also get affected by such allegations of sexual violence. This thing was said by Elizabeth L. Jeglic, who is a psychology professor at the City University of New York at John Jay College.

A Summary of Allegations On Russel Simmons

Russell Simmons' Family Feud: Everything to Know

An HBO documentary in 2020 focussed on the allegations against Simmons and was titled “On the Record.”

This documentary features one of the accusers as she boldly chose to come forward with the allegations of misconduct to The New York Times. She says that Simmons, her boss at Def Jam Recordings, raped her when she was 24 at his apartment in Manhattan.

In 2017, Simmons stepped down, but more allegations came forward, after which he shifted to Bali in Indonesia. The documentary gives us a first-hand account of the rape claims against Simmons.

What Can Simmons Family Do From Here?

After such accusations, the families and relations fall apart. Risks are involved even if the family wants to speak out, as they might face victim blaming or public scrutiny.

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