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You must be craving dishes like pad thai, tom kha Khai, and fried rice as soon as these soul-satisfying Thai dishes pop on your TV screen, and you might even be hoping to go to the nearest restaurant to satisfy your taste buds. The effect of Thai culture in America has been evident in the past few decades.

One of the top chefs who continue to influence the people of the United States with delicious Thai cuisine is American chef Jet Tilakamonkul, also known as Chef Jet Tila.

The Hard-Earned Success

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Jet Tila recently appeared in the prestigious South Beach Wine and Food Festival and partnered with Pei Wei restaurants. Experience is essential for enhancing your skill, and Jet Tila very well proves the notion. Tila’s family opened the first Thai grocery in Los Angeles in 1972. The family opened the first Thai restaurant in LA soon after to meet the growing demand for Thai food.

Also, Tila started working at ten years of age in different restaurants and farms. But all this exposure wasn’t enough as he wasn’t sure about choosing his career path as a kid.

The Food Network star, Jet Tila, shares his journey of becoming one of the top chefs in the United States.

In the latest interview, he said, “I would say the romantic answer is, ‘It was amazing and full of adventure,'” Tila addressed his upbringing. “But, honestly, it was the last thing I wanted to do.”

This unconventional training has shaped his foundation and allowed him to excel in his chosen path. The family food business helped a lot in fuelling his drive. He added, “I do believe in the 10,000-hour rule of becoming an expert,” he said. “I clocked probably 20,000 hours by the time I was 22.”

Here Are Three Ways To Spot A Good Thai Restaurant, According To Chef Jet Tila

How to Spot a Good Thai Restaurant, According to Jet Tila

Jet Tila has experience in executing different cuisines from all over Asia. According to Chef Jet Tila, here’s how to find an authentic Thai Restaurant.

1). Pay attention to the setting of the table

There is a standard form of Thai table setting in an ideal Thai Restaurant. He said, “If a Thai restaurant sets with a spoon and a fork, that’s gonna tell me that they’re slightly more authentic because the proper way to eat Thai food, you know, with Jasmine rice, is fork and spoon.”

2). The presence of spice in food

The presence of spice in food is a good indication of how good the Thai Restaurant is. Check if the restaurant offers different spice levels. The excellent Thai curry should be nice and thick with substantial heat to control your spice level.

3). More regional dishes on the menu

If you come across lesser-known dishes on the menu, like Khao soi and mango salad, you might have landed in one of America’s most authentic Thai Restaurants.

He further discusses his concerns regarding Thai Restaurants in America, “The problem is anyone could put in a lesser-known dish but still execute it poorly.”

Ultimately, this comes down to knowing and trusting your chef. “Pei Wei does serve Korean and Thai and Chinese all at once,” Tila said of the restaurant chain he’s a partner of. “But I’ve got the credibility to get you there.”

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