What Is Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Bluff All About?


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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are among the many well-known couples whose split left many of their buffs utterly heartbroken. The ex-couple everyone had gone outlandish about is now finding themselves amid a dispute over the property they both owned together.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The news of Brad Pitt suing Angelina Jolie drove all over Hollywood in the February of 2022 concerning their co-owned French Vineyard estate. It occurred that Jolie had sold her part of the property to which Brad had asserted to be “kept in the dark.”

What exactly is the whole drama revolving around the two actors, and what is the aftermath of this lawsuit? Stay tuned till the end to know all about it.

Why Had Pitt Sued Angelina

If you are a person who likes to be up to date with all the Hollywood news out there or are a staunch Jolie-Pitt fan, then the information of the Troy actor suing Jolie is not something that you must have unheard of.

The actor had sued Jolie because she had discreetly sold her half of the Vineyard property they both had owned back in when they were a thing. Per his lawyer’s words, the deal was made secretly, and it all happened behind Pitt’s back.

Where It All Started, And The Miraval Estate:

As stated by Brad during a press release, the deal to sell her part of the asset happened in 2021 between Angelina and a Russian billionaire named Yuri Shefler. Afterward, Pitt decided to sue Angelina as part of the Pact they conveyed as a “mutual and binding commitment” was broken by Angelina.

The agreement had come into existence after the couple had mutually decided to part ways after two years of being together. It emphasized that neither Pitt nor Angelina could dispose of their interests without the consent of the other.

The sources say that the couple had their estate’s stakes valued at an equity of $160 million. The Vineyard estate, prominently comprising the Chateau Miraval, is a 1200-acre property the ex-couple bought when they were together in 2008.

Brad Pitt’s Claims Against Angelina:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Source-ABC News

Speaking of now, the legal paperwork conveys how the Miraval, a part of Pitt’s winery business, witnessed Jolie’s support but also that she contributed to no necessary work needed for the business’ success.

The paperwork also mentions that Jolie had just “stood by” while Brad did all of the work, including the investment of his capital and sweat, only on the reliance that she had promised to keep the estate together by all means.

The legal team Pitt has also alleged Jolie and her company to have intentionally sold the property to a “stranger” to damage Pitt’s reputation. Labeling her as “vindictive,” Brad alleged that Angelina collaborated secretly behind his back to keep him in the dark.

It has also been claimed that Jolie had the estate’s deal going on with Shefler when she and Pitt were haggling for their children’s custody and the division of their assets.

Parents of 6, Jolie and Pitt had married in 2014 and split up in 2016. The couple finally divorced on April 12, 2019, as the court declared them both “legally single.”

Angelina’s Response

In response to the accusations made by Pitt, Angelina and her legal team have filed a counter-lawsuit against the actor, addressing his claims to be “malicious” and “frivolous.” The cross-complaint by Angelina is valued at $250 million.

Angelina-Pitt has witnessed ugly legal battles since their separation. From the war of custody for their children to negotiations regarding separating their financial assets, this legal blunder regarding the Chateau Miraval, the ex-couple ad legal controversy always go hand in hand. A lot related to the lawsuit and its aftermath is still to be known, so stay tuned!

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